meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Martha Stewart Is the Original Influencer (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Recipeasly Criticized Upon Launch for Stripping Authorship From Recipe Bloggers – Following a heated debate on Twitter, the site has been replaced with an apology (Eater) – This Is What Happens When Tech Bros Attempt to ‘Fix’ Online Recipes
  • Are the Tokyo Olympics really going to happen? (ESPN)
  • Would You Start a Movie Club? Heck, yes! (A Cup Of Jo)
  • The Hamilton Education Program sounds like an awesome thing for aspiring theatre students!
  • Curious about meatless meatloaf (Shutterbean)
  • And for dessert, Chocolate Baked Donuts (A Beautiful Mess)
  • With an order of a pint (or 4 pints) of Tatamagouche Ice Creamery!
  • If you are spoiled with time, here is a beautiful short story by Ann Patchett who had thought this was a story about Tom Hanks, the friendly actor-writer who had recorded my book but was mistaken. – These Precious Days (I am only halfway through)
    There is nothing more interesting than time: the days that are endless, the days that get away. There are days of the distant past that remain so vivid to me that I could walk back into them and pick up the conversation mid-sentence, while there are other days (weeks, months, people, places) I couldn’t recall to save my life. 


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