meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • And the best-written obituary goes to… This one is getting around (The Daily Mail UK)
    ‘She excelled at giving the finger and taking no sh**’: Son pens hilarious obituary to his ‘penny-pincher mom’ who is survived by three ‘ungrateful sons’, granddaughters ‘who could do no wrong’ and a brother who owes her $600–We love you, mom, a bushel and a peck. A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.
  • Travel and the Art of Anticipation – “being a world traveler — or just feeling like one — may undermine our proclivity to savor visits to enjoyable but unextraordinary destinations.” So, in a sense, our current travel deficit may end up replenishing our wonder of exploring. (NYT)
  • And booking marking this sweet spot in Maine for when the border opens. Erin, want to meet halfway?
  • If I had a few extra thousand dollars, I’d get a Vestaboard.
  • Britney Was A New Mom And No One Tried To Help Her – I’ve never met a mother who did not, at some point, but more often lots of points, think of and then itemize ad infinitum all the ways that she might be a bad mother. I’ve never met a woman who did not at some point, in those first early weeks of motherhood, break down. (Romper)
  • Emptying the Dishwasher Can Enrich Kids’ Mental Health. (NYT) But, yelling at them over and over to actually do it could crush my mental health.
  • People Are Hilariously Roasting ‘Target’ Fashion Designers By Taking These Pics Wearing Their Dresses (Bored Panda)


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