Every Street of Halifax

To lift my spirits and have some fun while we wait for vaccines, I decided to set ONE goal for 2021: Run Every Street of Halifax (peninsula)! I am not the first to attempt this, nor will I be the fastest, but with just one week in, it has already proven to be a fun adventure, especially when others join me.

I bought a map and will highlight every street as I go. According to Wikipedia, the peninsula measures 3.3 km at its widest and 7.5 km at its longest but there are probably hundreds of kilometres to cover.

My only three rules are:

  1. I have to run at least a block of every named street but will aim to run the full distance (alleyways and unmarked lanes do not count)
  2. I am including Point Pleasant Park, Needham Hill, The Halifax Common, Citadel Hill and other marked trails but not including private military roads for obvious reasons!
  3. The north, south and east boundaries are the harbour, and everything east of Joseph Howe Drive will count for the west.

Let me know if you have any big goals for 2021. If you want to run or walk Every Street of Halifax, join the fun – your fitness tracking stats will thank you.

Happy trails!


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