meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in

  • The Art of “Shoe-Shi,” Shoe-Shaped Sushi (Vice)
  • Building A Secret Cabin (so sweet!) (swissmiss)
  • And Return of The A-Frame… aka, my forever obsession/dream (Cabin Life)
  • I strongly dislike the word chowder probably because as a kid I hated my mom’s fish and corn chowders (no offence). I want to fix this and maybe start with this Southwestern Corn Chowder (Cookie + Kate)
  • Meet The Musician Turning Random Internet Drama Into TikTok Bops (BuzzFeed)
  • I found a few pieces by this writer that spoke to me: Your Creative Work: Sacred or Essential? and When you can only handle one child—and that’s okay (Motherwell)
  • Is it too early to start on my 2021 Christmas list? I wrote about Jill’s Ooni (formally called Uuni) way back here but now they have a multi-fuel option which is very exciting.
  • Japandi Is The New Minimalism and 6 more interior design trends (Food52)
  • Nothing is more exciting than when some of my favourite podcasters unite Samin Nosrat + Earlonne Woods (NYT)
  • The Counting Crows finished strong in 2020

Until we meet again, xo


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