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It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up

  • This restoration of an 1873 fieldstone Schoolhouse is stunning (Instagram)
  • I’m Chronically Ill And Afraid Of Being Lazy “In a society that holds productivity as unequivocally good, to do less feels like a moral failing.” (Elle)
  • This one is for Amanda: Instant Lettering, a Letraset Database
  • Uppity Women Unite (City Of Industry)
  • How Should Black People Sound? Hollywood hasn’t always made great choices about how people talk. That may be changing. (NYT)
  • Yessssss: Works of N.S. folk artist Maud Lewis featured on Canada Post’s 2020 Christmas stamps (Saltwire)
  • How America Invented the White Woman Who Just Loves Fall (Jezabel)
  • Period. Red by Pantone (The Guardian via Kristin)
  • Lovely listen: Praise Song for the Kitchen Ghosts by Crystal Wilkinson (Emergence Magazine)
  • UNNUR – a beautiful film and I am not just saying this because an A-Frame and Patrick Watson make appearances
  • Wish list: The Million Mile Light is a battery-free safety light for runners and joggers that’s powered by motion and engineered to never give up. Brilliant.
  • Perfect prints for your front entry (Paper Jam Press)

In case you missed it, I am taking orders for my 2021 calendars. All the details are here. Thanks!

Until we meet again, xo


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