100 days of summer :: 100 days inside a bubble

I am doing okay. It’s October, but I am doing okay. I am not sure what winter will bring, because you know… COVID, so today I will forget the future and celebrate the past! Nova Scotia is beautiful (as you will see), and I am lucky to call it home.

Friends, I kind of nailed it. Although I did not fly in a helicopter over Hawaii, it was one of my most successful years yet! I set my expectations low, and it paid off. Here’s a visual scorecard. Love to all who joined in on the fun.

100 days of summer, 2020

  1. Sunset walk at Shannon Park
  2. Hike with my mom … (six feet apart) (Victoria Park, Truro)
  3. Teach Miles how to swim (Wallace River)
  4. Yoga outside (no photo but Adriene was there)
  5. Paddleboard
  6. Cocktails by Cameron on the patio … (six feet apart)
  7. Master my summer 2020 cocktail
  8. Get a manicure from Edie (my 3-year-old niece)
  9. Make a peach pie (redemption from last year’s fail)
  10. Make a mango pie
  11. Make jam
  12. Make chutney
  13. Make marmalade!
  14. Visit McDonald Park
  15. Reno the front patio (Mike is 100% responsible for its success)
  16. Paint the front patio
  17. Dine at Rhubarbs
  18. Run with friends/Road Hammers again
  19. Run or bike to the Bike and Bean
  20. Make plans to travel—Ottawa, Binghamton, Austin and beyond!
  21. Have a picnic with a basket and a blanket
  22. Eat grape nut ice cream in a cone
  23. Make ice cream in a mason jar
  24. Hike a trail (High Head)
  25. Bike a trail (Tatamagouche)
  26. Run a trail (to Wallace)
  27. Patio dining and patio drinking… (I hope it’s not my patio only) (Circa 1860 Kitchen + Public House, Mahone Bay)
  28. Learn how to play chess (no photo but David and I played – he’s on the school chess club)
  29. Learn how to play cribbage (thanks Pauline!)
  30. Visit a beer garden, have a beer … (I hope it’s not my garden only) (Birch & Anchor)
  31. Paint word rocks and plant them around the North End
  32. Learn to garden and grow herbs (no photo)
  33. Make pesto and guacamole from my bounty (no photo)
  34. Sleep in a tent
  35. Tale a dip in the ocean
  36. Drink beer from a cooler (see #21 photo)
  37. Go for a beach walk… (please please please Dr. Strang)
  38. Apply sunscreen every freaking day (no photo)
  39. Get 10,000+ steps every freaking day (no photo)
  40. Swim in my aunt’s pond
  41. Night swim (Silverside’s Beach)
  42. Night walk (with my mom, in the woods)
  43. Wine and walk … (six feet apart)
  44. Lay in the grass
  45. Drink my morning coffee outside
  46. Try Dalgona coffee
  47. Stroll along the waterfront
  48. Go for a joyride with friends playing all our favourite songs and sing loudly
  49. Dance in the rain
  50. Go for a sandbar walk on the Gulf Shore
  51. Make a lightbox
  52. Go for a run and jump in the water right after
  53. Eat a lobster roll
  54. Eat fish tacos (Tako Loko)
  55. Have a lunch date (Jost Vineyards)
  56. Have a brunch date (with Laura at The Canteen on Portland)
  57. Plan my 2021 calendars (no photo but I started researching ideas)
  58. Plan my holiday cards (no photo but I already started them)
  59. Finish (at least one) photo album (no photo but done and delivered)
  60. Host a backyard outdoor movie night
  61. Have a backyard wine-call with my Montreal besties
  62. Run and jump off a dock without knowing the temperature of the water
  63. Watch the Perseid meteor shower on August 12
  64. Send mail every week
  65. Go to a drive-in movie
  66. Try a new local restaurant—hopefully, eat-in
  67. Cook a meal over the fire
  68. Find a waterfall (Victoria Park, Truro)
  69. Bike to Bedford
  70. Only use the clothesline
  71. Nova 7 in a can!
  72. Get friendship clogs
  73. Hangout in a hammock, maybe nap
  74. Rent a cottage… (if we can’t burst my parent’s bubble) (McLeod’s Beachfront Cottages)
  75. Make a banana split (no photo but I fed them to 4 kids )
  76. Make an ice cream cake
  77. Make strawberry shortcake
  78. Do a push-up challenge (nobody wants to see that photo)
  79. Find and photograph lupins
  80. Send flowers to a friend (to my sister in New York)
  81. Deliver something baked to a friend
  82. Eat from a food truck (Mahone Bay)
  83. Watch Hamilton
  84. Finish reading Little Fires Everywhere
  85. Watch Little Fires Everywhere (no photo)
  86. Play tennis
  87. Spend an evening on my in-law’s patio… (if we allowed bursting my in-law’s bubble) (see #29 photo)
  88. Drift down a river (one of the most beautiful evenings, ever)
  89. Go antiquing
  90. Play croquet… (six feet apart)
  91. Play washer toss… (six feet apart)
  92. Organize and play a night game (not game night)
  93. Take a class/workshop (online) (no photo, but learned Canva for work)
  94. Buy a new mini jean skirt (despite my age) (no photo)
  95. Make potato salad (no photo)
  96. Make jelly salad
  97. Dole Whip at the Chicken Burger
  98. Watch the sunrise at the ocean
  99. Watch the sunset at the ocean
  100. Watch 500 Days of Summer

If you weren’t keeping track, that’s 93/100! I am high-fiving myself because you’re not allowed. Here are the ones I missed, along with lame excuses.

  1. Make plans to travel—Ottawa, Binghamton, Austin and beyond!
    Not my fault! As much as I really want to see my family and friends, bubble life is the best life.
  2. Sleep in a tent
    If I liked tents, I probably would have tried harder.
  3. Swim in my aunt’s pond
    I wanted to do this but I didn’t make it over for a visit.
  4. Host a backyard outdoor movie night
    I’m not loving my backyard lately. It’s political.
  5. Bike to Bedford
    I meant to do this but forgot.
  6. Watch Hamilton
    I planned to crash someone’s house who has the Disney Channel, but it didn’t happen. Probably because summer was so lovely and it was a shame to be inside.
  7. Organize and play a night game (not game night)
    I wanted to do this, but the timing didn’t work this year

I hope you found ways to enjoy Summer. Happy fall y’all!


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