meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: hunker down, it’s fall.

  • Mailing Letters Under The Sea (swissmiss)
  • And speaking of post offices, I learned all about the one at the bottom of the Grand Canyon on this episode of 99% Invisible.
  • Even in the blissful bubble, I worry about this all day every day. Actually, every fall I worry about this but this year even more: How We Survive the Winter (The Atlantic)
  • Cozy up with OSTRICHPILLOW’s Huggable Heat bag (design\milk)
  • Entertaining for the whole family (Interesting Engineering)
  • “The prominent slave owner never publicly recognized the offspring of he and one of his slave romances but allowed him to serve in the house” is really “The rich human trafficker raped his female hostage and then held their son hostage as well at the death camp he owned” (Kottke)
  • The life-changing magic of rich people’s stuff (The Guardian)
  • Her story, how it’s published. Wow. (Humans of New York via Jill, my amazing sister who contributed this and so much more to my life)
  • Working out without putting their hair up… and 29 other Unrealistic Things About Women Shown In Movies (Bored Panda)
  • This is parenting burnout, pandemic style – You are not failing. Society is. (NYT)
  • Did you watch The Social Dilemma? The more I think about it, the more I hate it. Especially after reading this. (Slate)
  • 100 Days Of Summer is over. I will work on delivering my final report card next week but any guesses on how many I accomplished? (Hint, it’s not 100)

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Smucker’s is in a Jam (via Amanda): The comments are amazing: I swear every time I hear marketing/HR people talk like this I wanna drive off a cliff

Until we meet again, xo


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