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It’s Friday’s online finds: Grab a suit and dive in.

  • “My husband and I are now yelling IT’S FUN IF YOU MAKE IT FUN to each other every time one of our children is garbage.” – Oh, you let your kids watch ‘Sesame Street’ while you cook dinner? Okay… Why did you even have them? (Evil Witches)
  • I’ve been three times already and hope to go back (Saltwire)
  • “My name is Tunde Wey. I am Nigerian. I am a cook. I am here trying to sell chicken for enormous amounts of money.” The plan, he goes on, is to thus end gentrification. There is laughter around the table. “I know,” he says, smiling. “But the problem is outrageous. I thought I’d come up with an equally outrageous plan to fix it.” (GQ)
  • As a kid, I would have loved this. As a forty-one-year-old, I wonder if I can still sign up? (Petit Architect via Jess).
    Side note, I heard that my high school communications technology teacher passed away recently. Mr. Vacheresse was one of the best, someone who inspired me and he was the teacher who taught me the most. As I wrote here, he showed me the joy of using a ruler and told me that I have an excellent perception of measurement which I still think is one of my greatest talents. Thank you, Mr. V! 
  • Sharing this again. And maybe again and again. (NYT via Kristin)
  • Michelle Obama has a podcast (Spotify)
  • And following this father and daughter seems to have lifted everyone’s spirt, except Peloton, I am guessing (Instagram via Erin)
  • I’d like to file this in the No Shit, Sherlock folder: Moms are working dramatically fewer hours than dads during coronavirus. It’s a ‘red flag’ for what’s ahead. A new study shows that moms have reduced their paid working hours 4 to 5 times more than dads (Lily)
  • Wait, were Kristy/Mary Anne/Claudia/Stacey/Dawn the originators of the ‘are you a Carrie/Samantha/Charlotte/Miranda question? (Apartment Therapy via Sophie)
  • The dark side of Jam: “It’s telling that some people have been more outraged over the moldy jam than the allegations of unfair treatment and exploitation,… but if that’s the catalyst to get everyone to care about the deeper issue, which is the years and years of completely unfair treatment and exploitation of her chefs’ talents, particularly her POC chefs, then good.” (Eater)
  • This French town has created its own Amazon with a difference (Wired)

Until we meet again, xo


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