meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Grab a drink and dig in.

  • The Rose-painted calathea is the best plant for my zodiac sign (LA Times)
  • My recent binge was “amiable, light, and — flaws aside — easily binge-able.” (Variety)
  • More Than I Meal — When we lost restaurants this spring — when their doors closed and many of their workers were sent home — we didn’t just lose places to be fed. We lost a theatre of experience (NYT)
  • Can art change the world? Inside the debate raging over Black Lives Matter murals. Is art a distraction from change or a catalyst? That’s the question at the heart of Black Lives Matter Plaza in D.C. — and across the United States
    (Fast Company)
  • How not to kill your kid in the kitchen (Motherwell)
  • The Masks We Wear (and Don’t Wear) (Psychology Today via Beth)
  • I am feeling like a total amateur despite my many attempts this was a very good listen for those interested in preserving (Instagram via Catherine)
  • I love this idea I also love the index card with a map! This is super helpful. (Cup of Jo)

Until we meet again, xo


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