meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Grab a drink and dig in.

  • The Brown Bookcase is an independently owned bookstore founded by NINE-YEAR-OLD Rylei, who’s goal is to bring more diversity to children and YA readers. At nine, I was playing with Barbies and begging my parents for cable TV.
  • Speaking of bookstores, does Canada have something like the Bookshop?
  • And speaking of Canada, does the 15% pledge apply to Sephora Canada? (Glamour)
  • Do you know what a duvet is? The answer may surprise you (EHD)
  • A face mask or horror movie prop? (swissmiss)
  • Did the quarantine change you? (Vox)
  • Americans are (the WORLD is) pretending that the pandemic is over. It certainly is not. (The Atlantic)
  • Each one of these names was somebody’s baby (Baby Names)
  • Lainey speaks: What Happened to Sasha Exeter
  • My friend Alie is killing it with good pod episodes. The latest being Neuroendocrinology (SEX & GENDER) with Daniel Pfau.
  • And in the episode, they mention the Gender Nation Glossary which I linked to a few years ago. It’s always good to keep educating yourself.
  • IKEA Invites You to Bee-come Architects to Support Local Ecosystems (Design Milk)
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… WAS ALL A LIE! (Cambridge)
  • I want to watch this
  • What Happens to All the Un-Hugged Hugs? (The New Yorker)
  • City Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Over (The Onion)
  • This broke my heart. I hope they got an A.
  • Are you keeping score on your odds? (

Until we meet again, xo

Ps. Summer is almost here, how’s everyone’s bucket list coming along?

(image: He wears short shorts: why are men showing more leg?)

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