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It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • If you’ve reached the boardgame phase of quarantine, here’s a good list. David just got Exploding Kittens and it’s pretty good. (Under The Sycamore).
  • Missing from the list, my favourites: Pit, Sequence and Scotland Yard
  • Learning to float when swimming is too hard ‘There are times when swimming is too hard because the waters are rough and the shore is far away; in these times it is not a failure to float, because floating is survival.’ (Women’s Agenda – via Kristin)
  • The “Mile an Hour” Marathon = I WANT TO DO THIS. I also love where he lives (Kottke)
  • Yes, Your Tired Mind Is Slowing You Down *it also may explain why so many of us have back pain these days* (Outside – via Lee)
  • Repeated Louder By a Man (McSweeney’s)
  • And… Women academics seem to be submitting fewer papers during coronavirus. Men are submitting up to 50 percent more than they usually would (The Lily)
  • Loving this idea: Connect With Others via Some Light Bartering (LifeHacker)
  • And Tips for Freezing Produce to Avoid Food Waste (Simple Bites)
  • BEAUTIFUL: DIY Tissue Paper Tie Dyeing (Honestly WTF)
  • Ikea has made a meatball recipe for you (twitter). Best response: I got to the end of the recipe and there were still three screws left over.
  • Why teens may never be the same after the pandemic (CNN)
  • This is devastating (NYT)
  • If you are not falling down occasionally, you are just coasting… and 67 more bits of unsolicited advice (KK)
  • Finally, some good news: Timothée Chalamet Is Finally Singlée Again (Vulture)
  • Friday night pizza night! Simple Sourdough Pizza: A Step-by-Step Guide and A Yeast-Free Hack for Homemade Pizza Dough
  • And no judgement but David only likes homemade pizza dough made with this. A few years ago, I bought a bunch of packets that got lost in the back of the baking cupboard. During this unfortunate time, we’re making our way through all of the expired packets and living our best life.
  • This is a beautiful quarantine photography project (Jamie Beck)
  • I still miss setting the table for others. I miss the feeling of anticipation right before people arrive for a meal (and relief right after they leave). I miss that inexplicable moment at the dinner table when any awkwardness washes away and a bunch of individuals, some of whom might have been strangers, becomes a unified group. I miss conversation so vibrant that no one is tempted to pull out a phone. I even miss the inevitable moment when things get so silly and lively that I spill something or fall off my seat. – Samin Nosrat
  • If you feel like you need a good distraction, dive in. No need to actually make any of this but I strongly recommend the stew.
  • What to Ask Instead of ‘How Are You?’ During a Pandemic – Everyone’s doing badly. We need better questions to ask. (The Atlantic)
  • Say hello to the sun. UNIQLO and Marimekko are pleased to announce a new collaboration.
  • And if you haven’t already, sneak away from everyone you’re living with and binge Never Have I Ever. (Daily Hive)

Until we meet again, xo


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