meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Don’t lie, you have been concerned about your lighting situation – How to Look Good on Camera – A master class in lighting for your next video conference (NYT)
  • Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting (Medium)
  • Progress can be missed when we are simply looking for it in it’s physical appearance. I know this to be true in regards to my stomach – Me: Yup! (Steph Bruce)
  • The first lesson on leading a remote team when the world’s on fire is the most obvious one, but it’s shockingly easy to miss: the operative phrase is not remote team but world’s on fire. (Working Library)
  • It’s the whole world asking, “are we there yet?” – The vast majority of people are doing their best to navigate the new norms, and doing so in good faith. If they slip up a bit, we need to cut them some slack. (The Globe and Mail)
  • If I could accomplish anything during isolation, this would be it (Shutterbean)
  • But I think I need this
  • Look for Meaning, Not Happiness – Why cultivating “tragic optimism” will help us weather this crisis — and even grow from it. (NYT)
  • A trauma psychologist weighs in on the risks of ‘motivational’ pressure (Upworthy)
  • Into this podcast – not sure how I missed it
  • Impressive and enjoyable headline: The Yeast Supply Chain Can’t Just Activate Itself (Slate)
  • If you are one of the lucky ones with yeast, I suggest making brioche buns and then have halloumi burgers with wedge potatoes (Olive)
  • Is It Ethically Okay to Get Food Delivered Right Now? A guide to this and other pandemic food dilemmas (The Atlantic)
  • We should all be making these lovely DIY Beaded Daisy Chain Bracelets (honestly WTF)
  • The kids are alright, but maybe if only parents are? On the sunny days and on the rainy days, on the fast and slow ones too, maybe if you can, make sure you’re alright. Are you alright? (Latonya Yvette)
  • These are both beautiful musical tributes to the loss from this weekend’s tragedy. I am not alright. (The Big Sing)(Choir Choir Choir)

We will rise again, xo

(image by me, Wallace Nova Scotia)

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