We’re in the deep end now

Things are not great, and everyone is trying to navigate this storm the best they can, but all that matters is keeping our families and our friend’s families safe, which gives our healthcare system the best fighting chance to save lives. My role is not hard; it’s actually not much different than my life last month…

But with school out and an only child who could easily watch YouTube for 10 hours straight, it means I need to adjust and set a loose schedule for him. Luckily he’s old enough to walk the dog and go for runs, so I am hopeful a solid 70% effort at “work,” a 15% effort at homeschooling and a 15% effort at family-patience-management will suffice. That’s my goal!

Now Is the Perfect Time to Lower the Parenting Bar (The Cut)
Set the bar low.
Keep going.
Right there.

No one knows how long this will last, but in addition to the internet and streaming services, here are 10 Things I Hope We Will Appreciate More Than Ever. 

  1. Teachers. Yes, they’re saints, but please remember that teaching is their career, which is why I appreciate David’s teacher, but I have no interest in taking over her job. I don’t know how things will go, but I love this article
  2. : I Refuse to Run a Coronavirus Home School (NYT) “I’m not going to recreate school for them. Judge me all you want. Out of respect for their amazing teachers, I’m making a good-faith effort to get my kids to do the work that’s been sent home, but that does not come anywhere close to filling what would have been a school day. After accomplishing the bare minimum, the agenda is to survive and watch too much TV. We are eating cookies and carbs and hoping for the best. We are loving one another and trying not to go insane.”
  3. Nature. I am sure I’m not the only one who’s been shocked by the number of people who were out-and-about walking and visiting parks and trails which have always been here for us but often underused. I hope we will continue to love and support our environment for years to come.
  4. Books and Puzzles. There comes the point when you just can’t stare at a device any longer. That’s when you’re grateful for the shelves of board games, puzzles and books you’ve meant to read but haven’t. *Note: Use your judgement about playing Monopoly and the game of Life — they can put you in the depths of despair.
  5. Introverts. Not so nerdy now. People are looking to the introverts for advice, inspiration and guidance. When this is over, please don’t mock your introvert-friends when they say they’re not up for going out.
  6. Retail and Restaurants. As someone who loves to eat out and take-out, I am missing this. I can’t wait to get back out there, supporting my favourite local stores and restaurants. And as long as I can, I will continue to order food from our favourite spots. Also, a big shout-out to the folks working overtime at the essential stores. We see you.
  7. Sneakers and online workouts. There is nothing left to do but walk and run. Hopefully, you have a decent pair of sneakers on your feet and can find time and space to keep active. If you are not into that, sit back and watch Yoga With Adrian and pretend it’s TSN. Kristin sent me this, and I can’t stop laughing
  8. Unfinished DIY projects: Good thing we weren’t eager beavers and took care of all the household projects like we kept planning to do. With all this extra time, maybe we will finish one or two items on the list.
  9. Dogs. If anyone is winning, it’s dogs. They’re keeping us sane, they’re giving us an excuse to go for a longer than usual walks. They’re loving that we’re home all the time. Dogs have always been great, but now they’re the greatest.
  10. Art. Need money, cut the art programs and funding! Need space for pre-primary, use the art rooms! But look at who’s bringing joy and calmness to our homes now. Artists! Free concerts and classes are all over the internet and I sure hope we remember this when this is over. We need to support the fine arts by paying for concerts and plays and supporting local artists. I know I plan to do so.
  11. Nurses, doctors and pharmacists oh my! (and anyone else in the healthcare system). I think this is obvious. Thank you!

Be kind to yourself and be kind to one another, but at an appropriate distance.


4 thoughts on “We’re in the deep end now

  1. Thanks Meghan, yes started to explore my list of DIY projects, however, a common theme is occurring, they (DIY projects ) are turning into projects that I’m now relying on trained professionals to fix. Oh well I was in my happy place starting them all.

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  2. Thanks for the pharmacist shout out! We often don’t get mentioned in the “front line healthcare workers”
    Also, I am in no way attempting to home school. I would be terrible at it. We are spending an hour or so doing workbooks, playing prodigy, etc. Also some time outside and quiet time doing puzzles/reading/LEGO. And letting them have a decent amount of free time since this is stressful enough for them. They need to decompress and process just like we do

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    • Of course, I am thinking about you! I love your approach to all of this. Stay healthy – and enjoy the time when you do get it. I will keep dreaming of our next adventure.


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