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Psst… pop the popcorn, it’s OSCAR weekend!

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I am definitely the true morning person! (A Cup Of Jo)
  • “I think that people related to the post because it’s absolutely true. If you’re a working woman, you need a wife.” –What a CEO mom’s viral nanny ad says about gender, work, and power (Vox)
  • When I was a kid, brown-haired Barbies were a rarity (CNN)
  • For every Greta Thunberg and school-skipping climate change protester, there is another member of Generation Z buying inexpensive clothes on a smartphone. (NYT)
  • So I started watching The Goop Lab on Netflix… totally got sucked into episode 2 and now I want to take a few deep breaths and plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. *sucker* (Wim Hof Method)
  • What Kind of Tired Are You? (The Cut)
  • A Definitive Ranking of Food Scenes in This Year’s Best Picture Nominees (Food52)
  • If you don’t have lemons, what are you waiting for? (Coveteur)
  • We can — we must — assess the ways in which the rich and famous are able to exploit our admiration of their talents to pound into the ground anyone who might threaten their fame and reputation, how they so often bypass accountability and we just let them because, well, they’re so talented, or so attractive, or their politics line up with ours, or they handle a ball so well. Kobe Bryant and Complicated Legacies (Jill Filipovic)
  • How the Co-Founder of the Malala Fund Pivoted to Cookware (NYT)
  • I think one can measure a person’s character by what they do with shopping carts when they are done with them. (Scientific America)
  • What color is your name (Synesthesia)
  • I’m just going to leave this here: Brad Pitt and the Beauty Trap – Male stars face a double standard, too, and ever since he bared his chest in “Thelma & Louise,” his work has been undervalued. But look closer and he explores masculinity in complex ways. (NYT)


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