Little Women (Representation)

As I was putting together my annual Oscar Nomination Check List here are 10 things that were on my mind:

  1. WHITE MEN for the win!
  2. Wait, didn’t the AVENGERS and STAR WARS get nominated last year?
  3. Did the Academy intentionally give Greta and Noah the same amount of nominations so to keep their marriage intact?
  4. JOKER got the most nominations… is this a joke?*
  5. It’s a family affair with movie titles including A SISTER, SISTER, BROTHERHOOD, MARRIAGE STORY and PAIN AND GLORY
  6. Greta, I’m sorry. You got denied… but Amy (Florence Pugh) got Laurie and a nomination, not cool!
  7. Scarlett Johansson could win both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in one night.
  8. Which will be longer… THE IRISHMAN or Oscar Night?
  9. I am excited to watch PARASITE and JOJO RABBIT
  10. Movies I was (am) excited to see that did not make the cut: JUST MERCY and THE FARWELL

*When I mentioned to my friend Anna my disappointment about having to watch JOKER, she replied “Don’t! The list isn’t meant to be a punishment! Watch what sparks joy!”

I have seen 7 out of 53 nominations (BOMBSHELL, LITTLE WOMEN, MARRIAGE STORY, ROCKETMAN, THE IRISHMAN, THE TWO POPES and TOY STORY 4) so that’s not great and, to be honest, not a lot of the unseen titles are sparking much joy. I read on twitter someone suggesting we should have a Fake Oscar Night. Like Fake Prom Night—when you just do your own thing. I’m down for that and claim Michael B. Jordan as my date!

Good luck.

(Download a Oscar Noms 2020)


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