meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • The New Rules of Middle Age, Written by Women. As a new wave of women step into their mid-centuries, books reimagining female midlife are striking a chord. ‘We’re not going to do our 50s the way everyone’s telling us we’re supposed to.’ (WSJ)
  • What I Learned In Avalanche School. Ninety percent of human-avalanche encounters are triggered by humans, making humans the primary avalanche problem. Nature doesn’t kill people with avalanches. People kill people with avalanches… by taking an avalanche-safety course, we had statistically increased our chances of being killed in an avalanche. We were more likely to die now than we were at 8 a.m. (NYT) *David’s coach mentioned this article after telling him Mike is currently backcountry snowboarding*
  • Then I went down a rabbit hole: This story about the rescue at Cherry Bowl is amazing (Avalanche)
  • Orthorexia: an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy food (Time)
  • Last week it was Dude With Sign and this week, Dog WIth Sign (Instagram)
  • I’m into this (Lainey Gossip)
  • Little Women’s Real Feminist Problem. Gerwig laid the story flat, cut it apart, and rearranged it; she added new sections and then turned the whole thing into a paper lantern—beautiful, unexpected, and glowing. She recognized what few filmmakers do when they approach a widely known story: Fans won’t countenance cutting major episodes, but they will happily see the story expanded in new directions. (The Atlantic)
  • Things I learned—good stuff (Design Mom) and (Twitter-Erin Ryan)
  • I did not get this memo so I am sticking with Meghan (because it’s the right way) (The Beaverton – via Ryan)
  • Seriously, if Halifax had a diner called All Day Baby, I’d be there Every Day Baby! (Oh Joy)
  • And may I introduce you to the breakfast board (Williams Sonoma):

Have a sweet weekend!


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