End of an Era

I am trying something new this year and it’s a bit controversial.

I am going against my love of print and switching to a digital daily planner. Gasp!

For the past few weeks, I have been trying out TeuxDeux and I love it. Super simple, super clean design and it syncs with the phone app seamlessly. Here is some more info that brought me to this app.

I love that …

  • you can jot down things for each day and if you don’t ‘complete’ them, they bounce to the next day.
  • you have your daily calendar but also spots for other lists like a someday list.
  • you can make a grocery list and scratch off items as you cruise the aisles but then add them back on the list next week.
  • you can make repeat items on your list.

Did I mention, it looks really sharp. Simple clean design. Noice!

So as much as I love writing things down, I find that I never have my agenda with me when I am out and would rather have a notebook than a daily planner in my bag.

This is a new me, for a new year. Happy 2020!

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