meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • 14 Morning Rituals (That Seem A Little Out There) But Will Totally Change Your Life (Thought Catalog)
  • January = Creating Healthy Eating Habits (Shutterbean)
  • The biggest excitement over the holiday was convincing my sister to try a new broccoli casserole recipe—a true Christmas miracle that tasted great! (Food52)
  • A Little Less Mid-Mod, A Little More #Grandmillenial. 21 Decade Trends That Are Simmering Down and The 21 Trends That Are Replacing Them (Style Me Pretty)
  • How lovely would this be as a gift to someone of a special song (Reign & Hail)
  • Just finished catching up on this show and now I am mad and sad on Ruth Wilson’s behalf… but I still love Pacey and how well Maura Tierney can wear an oversized dress shirt. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • And, have you watched this yet? (Los Angeles Times)
  • You had me at tacos but tater tots are the pièce de résistance (Candid Appetite)
  • 99 GOOD NEWS STORIES YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T HEAR ABOUT IN 2019—If we want to change the story of the human race in the 21st century, we have to change the stories we tell ourselves. (Future Crunch)
  • Setting Intentions for 2020 Using a Vision Board—The difference between intentions and resolutions, and how this powerful tool can help you manifest what you desire (Medium)
  • And: How to Make a Vision Board That Works, for Real This Time (The New York Times)

It’s the first weekend of 2020. Hydrate and hygge.


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