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It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I heard a crowd roar from a couple blocks away. It had started! People were running! Were they tired? Were they dressed appropriately? Were they okay?! Spectating a marathon is nothing if not an empathy binge. – I Love Not Running Marathons! (Man Repeller)
  • And, Head up, wings out! And have fun kicking ass! 7 MYTHS OF WOMEN’S DISTANCE RUNNING (Oiselle)
  • My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege. I Decided to Be Honest.
    If you’ve never had to mask the fruits of your success with a floppy-eared, stuffed bunny rabbit so you won’t get harassed by the cops on the way home from your gainful employment, you have white privilege… As to you “being part of the problem,” trust me, nobody is mad at you for being white. Nobody. Just like nobody should be mad at me for being black. Or female. Or whatever. But what IS being asked of you is to acknowledge that white privilege DOES exist and not only to treat people of races that differ from yours “with respect and humor,” but also to stand up for fair treatment and justice, not to let “jokes” or “off-color” comments by friends, co-workers, or family slide by without challenge, and to continually make an effort to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, so we may all cherish and respect our unique and special contributions to society as much as we do our common ground. (Yes Magazine – thanks Patricia)
  • Who wants to try this? How to Feel Nothing Now, in Order to Feel More Later: A day of dopamine fasting (NYT)
  • Comic Sans Turns 25 – this is exciting for all you who use WORD to design posters <insert tacky-happy clip art> (Open Culture)
  • The ‘Footloose’ Dance Warmup That Gets These High Schoolers Ready to Race. Should I mention this to my coach?!? (Runner’s World)
  • Self-partnered: the sudden, surprising rise of the single positivity movement—From Emma Watson to Lizzo – the singer who puts the ‘sing in single’ – more and more people are throwing off outdated stigmas and embracing a happy life on their own (The Guardian)
  • Airbnb responds (VICE)
  • Duh. (Lifehacker)
  • 5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes please (NYT)
  • Déguste (Colossal)
  • Don’t stop doodling kids! (My Modern Met)
  • The World According to Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Because we can never have enough Phoebe Waller-Bridge. (Vogue)

“I have really always wanted a cocktail that you order with total confidence; you know, that thing that you order and everyone’s like, Holy shit, she knows what she’s doing with her entire life.” – Phoebe Waller-Bridge

It’s the weekend and we are halfway through November – rock on!

Also, it’s NOT too late to order your calendar – all the information can be found here.



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