meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • When I see a travel post on Maui and the last photo is of our little beach (Ted’s beach), my heart breaks. (Dreams + Jeans)
  • Rum Runner’s Relay recap from a teammate! (Girl Goes Running)
  • Why I dislike every season that’s not summer. Happy Raynaud’s Awareness Month!
  • The next time you think your cat doesn’t care about you, think again (My Modern Met)
  • Lawns Are an Ecological Disaster. So, how can we unfuck lawns? (Gizmodo)
  • SEARCH HUMAN EQUALIZE: S.H.E. transforms the way we see women by transforming the way we search. With S.H.E., you’re helping give women’s accomplishments the visibility and representation they deserve by elevating them in search results.
  • New word: Mentrification. If “gentrification” describes the process by which one “improves” a place so it “conforms to middle-class taste”, mentrification achieves an equal status transformation by taking the history of female participation and achievement, and festooning its narrative with phalluses. When did The Beatles start to be remembered as rock legends, rather than a silly boy band teenaged girls liked? When men decided they liked them. (The Guardian)
  • 25 Clever and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas (Say Yes)
  • It’s so much more than cooking (The Week)
  • 10 essential Kids in the Hall sketches every Canadian should know = apologies in advance for sending you down a very entertaining rabbit hole. (CBC)

But sad not to see a Cathy/Kathie skit.

It’s the weekend, put on a happy face.


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