10 things i don’t want to do again

I have an on-going list of things I don’t want to experience again only because I have convinced myself it was so amazing (or so awful), it’d be a shame to be proven wrong.

Are you this way? Do you go to the same restaurant every time? Always order the same thing? Travel to the same place over and over?

I’m a little of both. I love seeing new places and love checking things off the list and moving on but at the same time, we keep going back to the same ski hill every March Break because it suits our needs just fine.

Then I read the article: People Underestimate How Fun It Is to Do the Same Thing Twice – It’s common to prize novelty in leisure activities, but research suggests that revisiting the familiar can offer unexpected pleasures. (The Atlantic).

a new study suggests that this notion that having already seen it—or read it, done it, visited it—automatically precludes a second go-around might be mistaken. Repeating something, it turns out, “may turn out to be less dull than people think.

With this in mind, maybe I should reconsider these 10 things I don’t want to do again because, according to research, they may be even more awesome the next time!

  1. Rewatch Six Feet Under: This was the first show I truly binged, it felt cool to be a fan. I watched every episode and I still think about the opening death scenes. When I go, I hope it’s epic like being mauled by a mountain lion. Anyway… good show, no doubt it still holds-up. Maybe I should watch it again.
  2. The Chicago Marathon: I love Chicago. I loved this marathon and it’s very exciting that my two favourite running friends are going to run it next month – I hope they love it just as much. If they hate it, our friendship is over.
  3. Stay up all night: I went through a brief phase (a week) of hanging out with my Subway co-workers all night. Literally all night. We hung out at coffee shops and roamed around until dawn. What the heck? Why? I have no idea but Montreal makes you do crazy things.
  4. Live in Montreal: My love-hate for Montreal is so real. I love Montreal and I love that a big part of my life has included this city. I know all of the streets, tons of hidden gems and still love going back to visit but I am not sure I could ever live there again. It steals your heart then can break your heart daily.
  5. Birth a child or raise a puppy: It’s good to know your limits and for me, I am a one-and-done gal. I love my child and I love having a puppy in our lives but I am just not into multiplying.
  6. Breakfast at Cheeky’s: I loved my breakfast at Cheeky’s in Palm Springs, California so much. I often remake it but it will never be as good: Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and chives on sourdough toast with a dark roast coffee. That said, my second favourite breakfast (eggs benny at Edna’s) I will order every single time.
  7. Rewatch The Wonder Years: Winnie Cooper level affection for this show. I haven’t seen it since it aired and if I rewatched it, will I love Kevin, Paul and Winnie just as much?
  8. Dance on a speaker: I’m so happy that I experienced university-life to its fullest but there’s no way I want to relive late nights and bar hoping.
  9. Get a tattoo: I love my tiny little star tattoo and although I can see how easy you could become addicted to wanting more, I am happy with just this one.
  10. Paris: We were young, carefree and poor when we spent a weekend in Paris. Opting out of the Eiffel Tower tour because we paid for the Notre Dame view. We didn’t see everything but walked tons of miles and have some great memories. As much as it’d be amazing to see more, I can’t imagine ever reliving the experience of coming out of the metro station and seeing the Eiffel Tower right in front of my eyes.

Raise your hand if you still remember the song that played every time Kevin saw Winnie.


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