meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Does using politically correct language actually make a person less of a jerk?—the test was deceptively simple. (Wired)
  • The paper artist, who also goes by Paperboyo, travels all over the world and creates playful images combining his hand-cut, black paper silhouettes with buildings, nature and iconic landmarks. (Honestly WTF)
  • Somewhat related, how lovely are these silhouettes: Anne Shirley + Gilbert Blythe or Kevin and Winnie (Sealhouette)
  • At almost 14 years in, I mostly practice what he preaches (A Whole Lotta Nothing)
  • “My name is Vivian. I am six years old. Why do you not make girl army men?” … “It’s happening.” The Green Army Women figurines will now be available by Christmas 2020 in four different military poses. (NPR)
  • Why I LOVE September (this was obviously not written by me but I am channeling the positivity) (In My Own Style)
  • The Most Common Smoothie Problems (& How to Solve Them) (Food52)
  • I just ordered my 2020 Stendig! (Stendig)
  • I concede that Twitter provides, at times, a more witty conversation than the one I might have with a 6-year-old (Parenting)
  • How to Cook for Every Back-to-School Meal (NYT)
  • But just eat a bit less meat (NYT)
  • Now I want to work at Trader Joe’s. This brings back memories of my favourite job ever, Ben & Jerry’s. (Instagram)
  • “Cheers.” I’d heard it on Fleabag, and I thought it was a cool, new way to say “thank you”. Little did I know that here in the United States of America, that is not the case. (Reductress)
  • Modern Love, The trailer. (Vulture)

This had me laughing. Enjoy

It’s the weekend! May it be glorious.


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