5 quick questions

  1. Do you wash your legs with soap?
    I do, but I keep hearing that this is odd behaviour.
    (totally related article from Forbes)
  2. If you had a ton of extra money what would you spend it on?
    For me, it’d be a Pete’s Frootique salad station in my house.
  3. Do you wear underwear when you workout?
    I do, but some say the liners in running shorts should be enough.
    (totally related article from Huffington Post *warning, the word moist is used)
  4. Are you a Patreon to any podcasts?
    I pay $0.99/month to Ologies because it always makes me happy.
  5. Do you recline your seat on an airplane?
    I just can’t. The guilt is worse than a sore back.
    (totally related listen from This American Life)

Plus one random thought… How are people taking selfies on the top of Mount Everest? My phone dies as soon as the temp drops down to 5 degrees.
(totally related article from The Sun)

That’s all. I’d love to know your answers. Hook me up.


2 thoughts on “5 quick questions

  1. Ooh! Interesting questions.

    1. I don’t suppose I wash my legs specifically unless I’m soaping them up to shave them. Never thought about it!

    2. My own chef / daily food delivery service so I never had to cook.

    3. Yes to undies while working out. My Zumba pants often have tiny holes in the crotch, so …

    4. Yup, $5 U.S. monthly to the BSCC podcast.

    5. Never. I’d feel like a monster for invading the space of the person behind me.


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