meanwhile, elsewhere

It’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Tits up! The trailer for Season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! (Town & Country)
  • What’s the diff? So many answers that you’re embarrassed to ask. Just last year, I googled this on the train to Amsterdam: What’s the Difference Between Holland and the Netherlands? (Whatsthediff)
  • A Miracle No Mow Grass (The Faux Martha)
  • I’m just a tiny girl in the big, bad world of New York City and its cornucopia of clothing options. (Vogue)
  • Forty is not the new twenty. it’s not even the new thirty. listen, forty is the new forty because forty is forty. forty is good, forty is great, forty doesn’t need to pretend to be anything it isn’t. (Hula Seventy)
  • Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard, this looks amazing! (Joy The Baker)
  • Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn 🍂😍” (W Magazine)
  • Ten Tricks for Checking Your Phone Less (Life Hacker)
  • How to get press for your creative work: A guide to creating a PR strategy, refining your story, and pitching writers. (The Creative Independent)
  • (Female) Captain Who Rescued Migrants At Sea Refuses Paris Medal, Calling It Hypocritical (NPR)
  • 70+ easy lunch ideas for kids (+ a printable list!)… It’s always nice to attempt to be optimistic about the year ahead (Everyday Reading)
  • And good news: We Have Ruined Childhood. For youngsters these days, an hour of free play is like a drop of water in the desert. Of course they’re miserable (pre-primary taking over the art room and a shortened lunch-hour to name a few!) (NYT)

It’s the long weekend, I hope it’s comfy!


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