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Hey Emac, it’s Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Cities have effectively traded away their children, swapping capital for kids. College graduates descend into cities, inhale fast-casual meals, emit the fumes of overwork, get washed, and bounce to smaller cities or the suburbs by the time their kids are old enough to spell. The Future of the City Is Childless. America’s urban rebirth is missing something key—actual births. (The Atlantic)
  • To be a happy camper, you need the right stuff: The Very Best Camping Gear, According to Soooo Many Reviews. We do not have the right stuff. (Food52)
  • When and how do I cultivate joy for my children with the reality and the news? (Latonya Yvette)
  • Gemma Rasdall, a self-described bizarre combination of  ‘workaholic, sailing sea gypsy and artist’, is living the (/my) dream! With a puppy! (The Design Files)
  • In Patriarchy No One Can Hear You Scream. Maybe one of the reasons rape has so often been portrayed as “a stranger leaps out of the bushes” is so we’ll imagine rapists acting alone. But in so many cases rapists have help in the moment and forever after, and the help is often so powerful, broad, and deep—well, that’s why we call it rape culture, and that’s why changing it means changing the whole culture. (Lit Hub)
  • Pickle sandwiches (Twitter)
  • Smart kid. 13-Year-Old Scientist’s Research Shows Hand Dryers Can Hurt Kids’ Ears (NPR)
  • Calling BS on your career peaks at 50, and woe to those who don’t accept their decline gracefully… “The women I know aren’t declining. They’re getting stronger and more engaged in careers, often second careers they love. They are starting businesses. Some are taking greater risks, often to make a greater impact. Some wealthy women at this age are stepping out from the shadow of their families to become leaders of new movements.” (Forbes)
  • Men are walking around empty-handed, uncompelled to be useful. Men Know It’s Better to Carry Nothing. (The Cut)
  • Canadian teen Maggie MacNeil wins shocking gold at swimming worlds and we all go whoa! (CBC Sports)
  • More than simply taking basic good care of yourself so you’re fit and healthy enough to work, this is optimising yourself so as to life-hack your way to performing ever better under a value system that holds work in such high regard. We might turn to self-care to sooth our stresses and also to boost our productivity, but, as the rise of burnout might suggest, self-care does not actually seem to be fixing burnout. “We are beginning to understand what ails us, and it’s not something an oxygen facial or a treadmill desk can fix…” (Dazed Digital)
  • Andddddd… Now that people are used to finding self-care at the tap of a touchscreen, the convenience of connected fitness machines have also made them more attractive over the past few years. The future of fitness is together but alone. (The Verge)
  • I am the same age as the Walkman. Kids, do you know what a Walkman is? (swissmiss)

Rolling into the weekend – Let’s do this!


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