meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • The Dutch Reach: A No-Tech Way to Save Bicyclists’ Lives (NYT) PS. I was doored in Montreal once, it sucked big time.
  • Finding humour in family traveling: Impromptu family meeting about “adjusting our mood” in a corner of the Getty. (Family Chic) PS. I’m relating this big time right now in Maui. For all of the highs (and there are lots of them), there have been a few lows. Sunstroke is no joke, ask my 10-year-old.
  • I’ve gained some really good ones as an adult (Man Repeller)
  • Duh. (Apartment Therapy)
  • The Power of One Push-Up (The Atlantic)
  • A partial list of things I thought would change my life – Here is what I know to be true about humans: We want to change; we want to be good, better, best. We see our lives spooling out before us and think: This can’t be it, can it? I won’t always be this lazy/unloved/bad at contouring, will I? There must be a way to improve—and surely it can’t be as difficult, or as boring, as hard work and time. That one magic thing is out there, and all I need to do is read these 18 self-help books while drinking collagen water in order to find it. (Man Repeller)
  • This summer I’m aspiring to be the grasshopper, not the ant. (NYT)

It’s the weekend, find an adventure!


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