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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • “I would rather die from cycling too fast than disappoint her.” – Robin Arzón’s Peloton Work Diary: ‘It Feels Like I Ingested Fire’ The fitness start-up’s vice president of programming, who hydrates three different ways by 8 a.m., is essential to the company’s $4 billion valuation. (NYT)
  • … Start something, have the guts to admit when it isn’t working, and the gumption to begin again. The world has an infinite supply of stories, but courage is a diminishing resource as you get older. Dive in now. Plus more life advice for my college-bound daughter (A Cup Of Jo)
  • IKEA Denmark is inviting applicants in a global search for a “Happiness Hunter”. The winner will live in the land of Hygge for 2 weeks and help IKEA discover all the real reasons why the Danes are so dang happy. (Ikea Hacker)
  • So sorry that I’m just getting to this now. There were six other people on this e-mail thread and I was hoping that one of them would answer your question and I could just go on living my life. Plus more Sorry for the Delayed Response (New Yorker)
  • Three No-Recipe Recipes (Dinner A Love Story)
  • 101 ways to fight climate change (curbed)
  • After loving Always Be My Maybe, this and this, Keanu is climbing back up to the top of my favs list
  • Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Always Live With Her Husband. A Relationship Expert Says There Can Be Benefits to That (Times)
  • 20 things I’ve learnt from TV (Twitter)
  • Pan-fried feta with peppered honey (half-baked harvest)
  • Smash the Wellness Industry. Why are so many smart women falling for its harmful, pseudoscientific claims? (NYT)
  • But what Does Intuitive Eating Even Mean? (The Cut)
  • And The Real Issue With Nike’s Plus Size Mannequins (Refinery29)
  • The Invention of the Beach Read (New Yorker)
  • And this is mine I am taking with me next week! (Amazon)
  • Good long read: The Making of a Millennial Woman.  For all of the chatter about how revolutionary, powerful and important these fictional lives are, the Millennial Woman par excellence is a deeply disempowered human being. (Another Gaze)
  • Under A Rock with Tig Notaro – Tig Notaro cannot recognize famous people. Hopefully Alexa can help her out.

It’s the weekend, find an adventure!


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