fifty is the new forty

Two years ago I launched a very ambitious list of forty things to do before forty. Here I am, turning forty in three days and as I review my accomplishments, the big lesson I learned is that things don’t always go as planned. Who could have predicted the Footloose video tutorial I was practicing daily would one day suddenly disappear from Vimeo!

Last year I checked in at the half-way point (aka 39) with a progress report and sadly, not much more action has happened since. I hate making excuses but I feel a bit derailed right now and frankly, these last 6 months have sucked. So, I look at this as an opportunity to scrape myself off the ground and move forward. I’ve been told that the forties are better than the thirties so I am editing the list. I wrote this on a whim, giving myself only two years, which was not so smart. Adding another ten years is something a mature woman of her forties would do. Let’s not rush the good times!

forty before forty fifty before fifty


  1. Take piano lessons (I quit after one year – my sisters are beautiful players and I’ve come to regret dropping out).
  2. See Hawaii – it has been my dream to take David to Hawaii for his 10th birthday since the day he was born. He will turn 10 less than two months before my 40th so the timing will be tight but I am sure Mike can make this happen. (*We’re going this month!)
  3. Make some pottery – take a class.
  4. Get a tattoo. Hah! Where the heck did that come from?
  5. Make a move. Not sure if it will be my career or school or a move to the country but I like the idea.
  6. Sail away – even if it’s just around the Armdale.
  7. WALLPAPER my itty bitty bathroom.
  8. Bangs. Try them out.
  9. Rent a cottage with some lady-friends for +2 nights and drink way too much wine.
  10. Snorkle. Ideally off the Florida Keys. With Kyle Chandler.
  11. Get up on stage (or a podium).
  12. Buy a silk blouse. I’m thinking a nice deep midnight blue button down.
  13. Try Whole 30. It’s just 30 days… how terrible can it be?
  14. Sip sweet tea in the South like a Georgia Peach.
  15. Take tennis lessons.
  16. Go to the ballet in a big city.
  17. Get eyelash extensions.
  18. Make a batch of wine. I promise, it won’t be low class and I promise I will not force you to drink it.
  19. Run a Spring marathon (I’ve run marathons in September, October and November only)
  20. Get a new personal best in a marathon (which would be sub 3:56:00)
  21. Learn and perform the full Footloose dance.
  22. Try snowboarding *again.
  23. Buy watercolours. Watercolour.
  24. Attend an epic festival, concert or event (like Mardi Gras, The Beach Boys in California, Running of the Bulls, etc.)
  25. Donate plasma.
  26. Ride in a helicopter (ideally while visiting #2)
  27. Volunteer.
  28. Get a reading done by a psychic medium.
  29. Go to a drive-in movie.
  30. Explore a new country.
  31. Read a novel in one weekend.
  32. Take a solo vacation.
  33. Host a holiday dinner or a murder mystery party.
  34. Change a tire. Change the oil. Learn these skills.
  35. Scoot around on a scooter and end up at the ocean.
  36. Attend a retreat or workshop of some sort.
  37. Dip my toes in Lake Louise.
  38. Complete the World Marathon Majors (halfway there!)
  39. Which means I need to qualify for Boston.
  40. Train a puppy.
  41. Take a photography class.
  42. Vacation afar with Erin and Jill.
  43. Attend a retreat. Who’s in?
  44. Stay overnight in an A-Frame.
  45. Go line dancing in Texas.
  46. Choose a cookbook, cook everything.
  47. Have an (all day) spa day with friends.
  48. Choose an actor and watch their full IMDB profile (current contenders: Michael B. Jordan or Winona Ryder)
  49. Launch something… New website, new project. Who knows?
  50. Open water swim in water deeper than me.

Later 39.


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