week 20

May : week 20 : ran a race, but not the race I expected.

I read on Hungry Runner Girl about this podcast and it helped me feel a bit better about myself and moving forward. Think or learn like a scientist!

Scientists have outcomes that they care about and matter. However, outcomes are a reflection of their process, not a reflection of them. A failed outcome is taken seriously but not personally because we are not failures, the process was a failure.

I’m going to change the script. Yes, I was training to run the marathon, then I got injured and it SUCKED SO MUCH but I did the work (physio, osteo, lots of stretching lots of walking but very limited running) and was able to run a strong pain-free 15km. I need to be proud of that. I need to learn, accept and move on.

I strongly recommend listing to this episode. I promise it’s not about running and it applies to many things in life – work, sports, goals.

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