step by step

Since October 1, I’ve had a goal of getting 10,000 steps a day. Some days my goal is accomplished by 7:00 am, but other days it’s a struggle.

I run 5-6 days a week, so it’s rest days that are the problem. My commute to work is 0 steps (work from home probs), and David joined the North End Blob, a crew of kids who walk to and from school, so I’ve become a total hermit, sometimes not even going outside once. Things got much worse when I lost my most favourite walking companion, Henry – he got me outside every day adding a few more walks around the block to my count.

But I diverse… I thought it’d be fun to share…

a few easy ways to get 10,000 steps a day:

Step one! We can have lots of fun:
Train for a marathon! You’re sure to exceed your daily goal when you have a 42km run on your calendar! My recorded highest daily step count is +49,000. Best sightseeing tour of New York City is running the marathon!

… still with me?

Step two! There’s so much we can do: Steps can come from rowing, biking, swimming, and even weight lifting. Just do something that involves your arms moving enough to make it count. I’ve been parking further away from the grocery store door and taking the stairs way more. Also, add a little time to your plans and walk a block before you meet up.

Step three! It’s just you and me: Find a walking buddy. I need to do this more but make a date and walk. Add wine and call it a walk and wine!

Step four! I can give you more: Wear a Fitbit or Apple watch, not a Garmin. In my limited research, everyone who uses a Fitbit is getting way more steps than me and my Garmin. It’s a fact.

Step five! Don’t you know that the time is right. Huh! It’s 9:45 pm and you need another 1,000 steps. I like doing kitchen island circles or dance moves.

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