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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Lovely news (CBS News)
  • “Naturally, I assumed she was attempting to deal with a catastrophic event, the loss of a parent, or a devastating breakup or something similar. But no, Jillian is really just using her vacation time to be out in nature, just walking for the sake of walking, I guess?” Hah! (The Onion)
  • Everyone Around You is Grieving. Go Easy. (John Pavlovitz)
  • It started with hummus and now it’s taking over (The Atlantic)
  • And this looks yummy and easy (Joy The Baker)
  • According to this, break-up movies are my jam (Quartzy)
  • I am more involved in social and racial justice, economic development and feminism than I ever was in a big city. (NYT Opinion)
  • Not going to lie, I had to Google wheat berries but now that I know what they are, this sounds good (Dinner A Love Story)
  • Ingredients may change, technology may change, results may change, and marketing may change, but one thing in skincare remains constant: The aim is to make skin look “smoother, cleaner, whiter, clearer, and glowing.” In other words, you take care of your skin to make it look young. (Medium)
  • Agree to disagree (Boston Globe)
  • Those who know me, know one of my favourite foods are church (funeral) sandwiches and macaroons are my favourite funeral dessert (Running on Veggies)
  • Breath in, breath out. (Life Hacker)
  • And finally, happy Halifax Burger Week: HFXBURGERWEEK 2019: BY THE NUMBERS (Halifax Retales)

Have a great weekend!


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