meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • The Tiny Sticker That Traveled More Than a Thousand Miles on the Wing of a Butterfly (Atlas Obscura)
  • On the menu (Shutterbean)
  • 20 questions with… Oliver Jeffers (GQ)
  • If only some women can be categorized as “real,” what becomes of the women outside those boundaries? (The Atlantic)
  • The bank teller looked at the check and then looked at me kinda funny, and I said to her, “I wrote a book, and it’s in Oprah’s Book Club.” (The Cut)
  • If Lulu and Juicy had a baby (Beyond Yoga)
  • And speaking of Lulu: Lululemon launches running bra that can carry 1.5 litres of water and all the gels you need for a marathon (Runner’s World, thanks Jenna)
  • Japan has one of the highest suicide rates among OECD nations, and often, those taking their own lives do so by leaping from station platforms into the path of oncoming trains, with Japan averaging one such instance each day (City Lab)
  • ‘Do you ever think about me?’: the children sex tourists leave behind’ (The Guardian)
  • The Turtle Dove: my summer drink (The kitchy kitchen)
  • Eating the same thing every day can come off as a moderately charming quirk, an indictment of one’s lack of creativity, or a signal of professional focus and drive. (The Atlantic)
  • Forget Duct Tape, use Lego (Apartment Therapy)
  • KNOW YOUR ENDO (link)
  • I am sad about the future (Bloomberg). I am terrified about the future (Twitter).
  • Me, most days (cute prints and things)
  • Fanny pack-ing it for Amanda, it’s her birthday tomorrow (hither & thither)

Have a great weekend! It’s Friday y’all!!!

Happy M A R CH B R E A K !!! For the fifth year in a row we are migrating to Sunday River for cinnamon buns and skiing.


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