5 quick questions

Just wondering…

  1. Is there an app that I can use to listen to an article/blog post online? Mostly, I am asking because I don’t have time to read Lainey’s Gossip every day, but I could happily listen to it while I work.
  2. How do you fix a door? Our front door sticks, it’s nearly impossible to open, and everyone thinks it’s locked. I curse it every single day… is there an easy fix? Do I need to call someone? Who?
  3. Who are the Vanderpumps and do I need to care?
  4. Google Calendars vs. iCal? I use iCal, which seems fine but I am having a bit of FOMO
  5. Are you okay with me renaming my forty before forty list to fifty before fifty and adding ten more items? If so, what ten things should I add?


5 thoughts on “5 quick questions

  1. 2. Sometimes you can adjust hinges but that may only be on indoor doors. More likely that the settling of your house has shifted the door frame. Or the expansion and contraction of your frame and the door over time in heat and cold. You can always have GMac take a look and give you his diagnosis!
    3. The Vanderpumps own restaurants/clubs. She is on the real housewives of ny. They also have a reality show of their own about their restaurant/club (namely the people whom work there). So no, no you don’t need to know- but now you do.
    5. Yes, you should change it and add 10. One should be to go to Africa. Next year- with me!


    • 1. I am very jealous of Jill’s usage of GMac. It’s actually the handle that’s the problem. It doesn’t work… hard to explain.
      3. You lost me at REAL HOUSEWIVES.
      5. OMG Africa. I do want a rug from Morocco!


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