meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • We don’t totally suck (NPR)
  • For me, Birkenstocks. I still will never, ever wear PJs in public. (Girls Of A Certain Age)
  • Book Of Lists (1 Canoe 2)
  • This kid is awesome (Humans of New York)
  • “Almost any mother who reads the suggestion that accompanies the study’s release is likely to have a similar reaction—a giant eye roll” (Mother)
  • Need a name? (Onym)
  • The Period Game: Learn how to go with the flow (Kickstarter)
  • And the Oscar-nominated short documentary Period. End Of Sentence is on Netflix (People)
  • Are you in your forever home? (Chris Loves Julia)
  • “Men mansplaining what mansplaining is, and is not, is honestly one of my favourite things on the internet”: This chap tried to mansplain the difference between vulva and vagina and the takedowns were brutal (The Poke)

Have a great weekend!


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