meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • My Oscar picks, based on movies I actually saw in theatres last year (McSweeney’s)
  • For me, the question is how does one skip breakfast? (Vox)
  • #15 would be really hard (medium)
  • Keeping girls in sports (Oiselle)
  • A pretty accurate personality quiz (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Depth Year (Raptitude)
  • Through that lens, Apple telling us to put our phones down is not unlike an oil company telling us to carpool, or a Victoria’s Secret model telling us to love our bodies — it’s not wrong, but it’s not exactly right, either. (Man Repeller)
  • Haha (Bored Panda)
  • Is this enough to make you go vegan? (Reuters)
  • Yes, I watched this. Yes, I’m like whaaaaat? Send help. (Life Hacker)
  • It really isn’t that hard. You keep your hands to yourself; you keep your pants zipped; and you think about what would help your mentee, not what would help you. (The New York Times)
  • Get in my belly (Bon Appetit)

Mike is forty today. If you see him, wish him a happy one. Have a great weekend!

(photo courtesy of his mom)

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