meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Totally dorking-out on this (Dimensions.Guide)
  • Tea With The Dames (Rotten Tomatoes)
  • I want this job (Thrillist)
  • Or get paid to do this (Food52)
  • I actually teared up last year when I heard he got out (Mother Jones)
  • and more on podcasts: You also, of course, need to tell a good story – good enough to capture the attention of everyone from truck drivers to joggers. (BBC)
  • Woman With Rare Medical Condition Unable to Hear Men’s Voices (Jezebel)
  • A fun monthly challenge (Food In Jars)
  • “Schitt’s Creek” And The Return Of The Nice Comedy (BuzzFeed). YESSSSS. Plus, the article subtitle mentions my other two new favourite shows – thanks Sophie.
  • I think I found my spirit-blogger (hula seventy)
  • It’s been a week and I am so sad and lonely without him (Tonic). Thank you for all of the sweet messages, cards, flowers and check-ins. It means so much. xox

Have a great weekend.


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