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Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • The tragedy of the leaf blower is that it makes assholes of us all: The Devil’s Hair Dryer (CityLab)
  • I found the perfect winter coat (Moncler)
  • I want them all. (NYT)
  • Amazon says “The perfect holiday gift for family and friends!”: New Erotica for Feminists: Satirical Fantasies of Love, Lust, and Equal Pay (Amazon)
  • When drinking hot chocolate, I do not care if it’s organic, vegan and paleo with a hint of reishi mushrooms (Amazon)…
  • …But, I will eat these (Minimalist Baker)
  • Is there an Instagram feed for tech bros who bake bread yet? Do You Even Bake, Bro? (Eater)
  • And speaking of Instagram, I decided to stop following her (BuzzFeed)
  • Homemade holiday gift ideas if you’re not already busy enough (Shutterbean)
  • Puberty for the Middle-Aged: Forty-five-year-old women need a version of “the talk,” because our bodies are changing in ways that are both really weird and really uncomfortable. (NYT)
    but… it’s not too bad. Not too bad at all…
  • The blessing of aging (New Yorker)
  • It’s the Alcoholidays! (design crush)
  • I am one of those people who complains about how Amazon is very likely ruining the world but who buys things via Amazon regularly, and for that you may call me a hypocrite but also lump me into the same camp as pretty much everyone, in some way or another. Yes, I was also once a vegetarian who wore leather; I apologize. At least I didn’t eat bacon then. What Amazon Reviews Reveal About Humanity (BuzzFeed)
  • Something I should have saved from my childhood (

And if you’re wondering where all of the circles of images are, I am changing things up. A bit of a time saver so I can actually post content that’s mine + more mobile-friendly. Tis the season to tinker. 

PS. There’s still time to place an order for my Hello 2019 Desktop Calendar! Deadline, December 3. Thanks!


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