meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (Design*Sponge)
  • Jigsaw puzzle mashups (Boing boing)
  • They screwed up coffee; imagine what the cocktails will taste like (Extra Crispy)
  • Why Reading Is the Most Intelligent Thing You Can Do {Even Twilight? Because that’s what I am currently reading} (Inc.)
  • Nooooooo: Pine nuts might be making you ‘taste’’ what’s inside your digestive system, instead of what’s in your mouth. Vom emoji (Munchies)
  • What If Makeup Didn’t Have to Be a Tentpole of Womanhood? (Man Repeller)
  • This 3-year-old golden doodle named Professor Bunsen Honeydew has a 9 to 5 job at Mount Sinai’s children’s hospital where he has his very own business cards — here’s what his day is like {excuse me while I grab a box of kleenex} (Business Insider)
  • “Firefighters are consistently ranked the most beloved public servants, not just because they look good on calendars but because they treat everyone equally. Rich people don’t get their own ‘better’ firefighters, or at least they aren’t supposed to.” (The Atlantic)
  • Bess Kalb, twenty-nine: Kalb started a screenplay, talked about it to at least thirty friends and family members and two Uber drivers, and then never finished it (The New Yorker
  • The Watcher… oh hell no, I can’t even imagine! (The Cut)
  • I actually made this and Mike actually liked it (Running on Veggies)
  • My favourite pastime doesn’t sound so sketchy when written as a children’s book (Amazon)

Bundle up and have a great weekend!

PS. There’s still time to place an order for my Hello 2019 Desktop Calendar! Deadline, December 3. Thanks!


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