meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • I did this (Man Repeller)
  • 100 Must-Read Books Of 2018 (#91 is the next-up on my list) (Medium)
  • A Final Proving Ground for Guide Dogs to the Blind: Midtown Manhattan: A school for Seeing Eye dogs uses the chaos of New York City as its ultimate test when matching young dogs with their blind masters. (NYT)
  • Great! I love Dove (Peta)
  • What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life? (A Life in Progress)
  • Brown Point Shoes Arrive, 200 Years After White Ones (NYT)
  • NASA Astronaut Completes Boston Marathon in Space (Space)
  • Chief of Disguise: Coolest job title ever (Kottke)
  • Here’s what happened when I quit drinking a year ago (The Washington Post)
  • Everyone Should Host a ’70s Dinner Party Exactly Once: “It’s offensive to my eyes,” he said, “but only mildly insulting to my taste buds.” (Grub Street)
  • Plantfluencers (NYT)
  • Scratch Thanksgiving, I’m bookmarking this for Christmas (Shutterbean)

One good thing about the Fall: Amazing movies (Go. Now!)

Have a great weekend!

PS. There’s still time to place an order for my Hello 2019 Desktop Calendar! Deadline, December 3. Thanks!

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