it’s calendar time

Mark your calendar, 2019 is coming!

The Hello 2019 desktop calendars are in production and I am taking orders now! This year I have decided to give 50% of the earnings to a special organization that is near and dear to my heart: The Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome. I wrote about my buddy Aden a few years ago and it gives me so much joy to be able to support his family and their hard work with CAWS.

The cost of a calendar is $10 (and $8 if you already have a case and just want a refill).

Thanks to all of my great friends and family, last year I was able to donate more than $200 to both Hope For Wildlife and Feed Nova Scotia!

Here’s a look at the Hello 2019 calendar (hello stocking stuffer):

If you are interested in one (or more!), please send a private request and payment to before December 3 (be sure let me know if you want a case) and once the calendars are ready, I will contact you and make arrangements for pickup. *If need them mailed, I will add shipping to the cost. 

Everyone near and far will receive their calendar by December 23.

I hope you enjoy this year’s calendar as much as I enjoy making them. And I hope all my loyal refill clients are up for supporting CAWS.


Here’s some information on The Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome (CAWS):

CAWS provides support to Williams syndrome individuals, their families, and caregivers, coast-to-coast. Our grassroots, parent-volunteer run organization is on a mission to spread awareness, raise funds, support research and connect families touched by Williams syndrome. We are a small but mighty National Registered Charity, whose impact can be felt in tiny towns and big cities across Canada.

We strive to connect families, researchers, caregivers and medical professionals across Canada; building a national community to help those with Williams syndrome reach their full potential. We support families through initial diagnosis, the school system, post-secondary schooling opportunities, and skills training, adult employment and housing.

What is Williams Syndrome?

Williams syndrome is a rare genetic condition that is present at birth. It is caused by a spontaneous genetic deletion of a small stretch of 26-28 adjacent genes on chromosome 7, including the elastin gene and can affect anyone. It occurs equally in males and females, in all cultures and to birth parents of all ages.

Williams syndrome brings medical issues, including sometimes life-threatening cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, social challenges and learning disabilities. At the same time, those with Williams syndrome exhibit striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music. Williams syndrome is thought to occur in approximately 1 in 10,000 births.

While accurate, this clinical description falls short of describing the vast and varied qualities that make Williams syndrome individuals some of the most memorable people you’ll meet. Their highly social personality often manifests in an open-hearted approach to life, a love of meeting new people and a joyful spirit.

There are challenges too. There are health concerns to be monitored or managed at every stage of life. Early intervention, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy is invaluable. Learning disabilities make navigating the education system challenging.

Many with Williams syndrome have difficulty with numbers, spatial relations and abstract reasoning. This can make everyday tasks harder.

In adulthood, supportive housing helps individuals with Williams syndrome live to their fullest potential. Contribution to the community is made through volunteering or paid employment.

The desktop calendar is about the size of a CD case: ~5″w x 5.5″h


Thank you for your support!

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