meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • My thoughts on turning 40 (Oh Lovely Day)
  • Aging is terrifying. I’m optimistic that we’re on the cusp of understanding enough about it to be able to intervene. Finally, the drug that keeps you young (Technology Review)
  • Is this ugly in a good way? (Anthropologie)
  • Dream job (Fast Company)
  • 5 ingredients, 26.2 miles of energy (Food52)
  • These tiles (Aimee Lacalle)
  • I follow this rule (Life Hacker)
  • Justin Bieber and the Burrito-Eating Strategy That Divided a Nation (Vanity Fair)
  • Mid90s (A24)
  • Walking Pad: A treadmill that can be stored under your sofa (Rue Daily)
  • The figure of the kidult exists as a warning that you should not move on to the next step until you’re certain you’re ready (Hmm Daily)
  • Check.Out.This.House (Design Mom)

This is going to destroy me:

Have a helluva weekend!(image)

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