meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman (MileSplit USA)
  • Not great news (NYT) and this too (NYT)
  • And even more bad news: The banana is dying. The race is on to reinvent it before it’s too late. The world’s most popular fruit is facing extinction, and scientists are racing to use gene-editing to save it. (Wired)
  • BUT GOOD NEWS for one of banana’s friends (Time)
  • The title of the article made me laugh, then it made me wonder if I’ve reached the age of her target audience? (NYT)
  • Every year I think THIS WILL BE THE YEAR I nail the costume… yet to happen but the Beetlejuice couple is inspiring (Hither & Thither)
  • I’d love this job, maybe (The New Yorker)
  • They’re just like chewy sugar cookies, with brown sugar. They’re also just like chocolate chip cookies, without chocolate chips. Wrap your brain around those deep depth thoughts (Joy The Baker)
  • Part of my thinks I could do this, the other part of me knows I have a serious addiction to athletic wear (Young House Love)
  • This strange, broken font is designed to help you remember what you read (CBC)
  • By far the biggest predictor of whether something gets done is whether it’s fun to do. The secret of productivity is simple: just do what you enjoy (The Guardian)
  • This obituary is great (Delaware Online)


Happy weekend! I’m cold.

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