meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Cozy up and dig in.

  • MAYA / MATANGI / MIA (Vulture)
  • Bad menus, bad hotels, just bad design (BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed)
  • Movies for Bad Days, Weeks, or (Let’s Be Honest) Years (Wit & Delight)
  • The Museum of Magic (NYT)
  • I was raised by CBC (just saying) (The Atlantic)
  • Insertions of the best method of birth control can be blindingly painful during and after, but all women get is a single over-the-counter painkiller. Why? (The Outline)
  • Another Bad Man or just the creator of Mad Men? (Vanity Fair)
  • Yo Amazon, isn’t this what Etsy already is? (Amazon Handmade)
  • Sorry, not sorry (The Week)

Happy weekend! It’s fall y’all; accept and proceed. (image)

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