meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: There are some long but good reads. Cozy up and dig in.

  • Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong: Our shitty attitudes toward fat people. (HuffPost Highline)
  • The daughter of Mia Farrow and wife of Woody Allen stayed silent for decades. No more. (Vulture)
  • I can’t keep up (CNN)
  • Mental note: Do not order avocado toast. P sure that’s not ‘deconstructed,’ that’s ‘lazy.’ Munchies()
  • The only good thing about turning forty next year… no longer applies (Boston)
  • The Skin-Care Glossary: A Comprehensive Guide to Everything You Need to Know (allure)
  • Soccer Mom Hate: The disdain toward motherhood is the logical extension of misogyny (MediumWhile we complain about what mothers do, or look like, we neglect to ask what they feel, or need.
  • 21 Completely Subjective Rules for Raising Teenage Girls (A Cup Of Jo)
  • Kids Don’t Damage Women’s Careers — Men Do Stop blaming motherhood for a problem created by fathers (Medium)
  • The Beast Made Dog Bed (Best Made)
  • Nope, not me (NYT)
  • “This man raped me a long time ago,” we say, “But that was in the past. He can’t change the past.” When a girl says, “This boy raped me last night,” we say, “But his future! We can’t wreck his future.” And there she stands, suspended between his past and his future, with no value of her own except for how much she’s worth to whichever political party is feeling desperate today. Hell yes, an attempted rape accusation matters. Even a very old one. Even though it was just a girl. (Simcha Fisher)

Have a great weekend – it’s the last one in September which means it’s the end of my #100DaysofSummer adventure. Spoiler alert, despite what you may think, I did not do as well as I had hoped. But, don’t be sad for me, Summer was still very awesome. (image)

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