meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

  • Amazing: Did this unassuming small-town couple steal a $160 million Willem de Kooning painting? (Kottke)
  • Insta-repeat (Quartzy)
  • Missy’s Funky White Sis ft. Miss Tippy Toe: I dream of being this good at karaoke (BuzzFeed)
  • True. I laughed, then cried: I’m a burrito, hehe (Bored Panda)
  • Inside the Very Big, Very Controversial Business of Dog Cloning (Vanity Fair)
  • Shortcut jam, I’m intrigued (Food52)
  • It’s easy to become obese in America (VOX)
  • Doing something you are terrible at can be liberating (Wit & Delight)
  • “Oh you love murder? Me too!” (Vulture)

Weekend: Ok, let’s do this!(image)

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