10 things i am not sure of

So this is embarrassing.

Are you too one of those people who hasn’t bothered to figure things out… We’re not talking evolution or rocket science, more like how does a thermos know what to do (hot/cold)?

Let’s take a minute to think about the 10 things we really don’t get. Here are mine:

  1. Stem cells. What the heck are these and what’s the research all about?
  2. Amazon. I am all about online shopping but I really don’t understand Amazon. Why are my coffee filters $50? Why is shipping so much? The prices are all over the place and don’t even get me started on Prime.
  3. Are the fiddle and violin the same thing? Growing up on the East Coast makes me think they’re totally different instruments – you play a fiddle in the kitchen and the violin is played in a concert hall. BUT ARE THEY THE SAME THING!!?!?
  4. Algebra. Have I done this? High school was foggy. I have no clue what algerbra is but it sounds hard.
  5. Everything to do with banking and taxes. Everything.
  6. Action movies. Just me, or is the plot always complicated. Please don’t ask me to summarize Deadpool, The Matrix or Mad Max.
  7. The fax machine. Of all the technology, it’s the coolest. Right? HOW DOES IT WORK! Don’t even get me started on how stressful printers are – everytime I press command+P I say a little prayer that things will work out.
  8. Grammar (not specific to English): I blame French immersion for this one but really it’s my own fault that I’ve gone this far without a solid understanding of sentence structure. Also, when do you say learnt, ever?
  9. The Cloud. Does anyone understand the cloud? Where the heck are all my photos?
  10. Nutrition. For the amount of running I do, you’d think I’d figure out if I’m getting enough protein (I’m not) and what’s a carbohydrate? I am pretty sure it’s not just bread. Should I eat chicken or am I doing okay?

Share your answers! Better yet, please share the things you don’t get!

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