the editorial test

Please share ten of your favourite things with one sentence about why. I stumbled upon this editorial test and think it’s great – both her answers and the feedback from the person who hired her.

Would you answer so thoughtfully? Would you hire her?

Here are my ten favourite things:

  1. Mornings. Early and quiet. Best with a coffee or during a sunrise run near water.
  2. Dogs. They wag, they run, they roll.
  3. Airport arrivals and finish lines. Lots of emotions, lots of awesome signage.
  4. The sound of spring peepers. A lovely reminder of the 24-hour ec0-challenge I do with my mom and sister every year, walking in the woods at 4:00 am and knowing morning has arrived.
  5. Coming of age movies, books and television shows. Teenagers bring the best drama.
  6. Eggs Benedict. Because I only have Benny when I’m brunching and brunch is the best.
  7. Blankets, everywhere. Keep one in your car, there will be a day you’ll be happy you did.
  8. Video montages and appropriately-timed gifs. I’m not sure who these people are that have time to make montages but thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  9. Boardwalks. The path from the car to the ocean is best travelled on a sandy walkway.
  10. Summer. I have 100 reasons why I love summer. I’ll tell you about them all later.


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