meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…


  • Desktop update (DesignLoveFest)
  • A great argument against “sober” January (Atelier Doré)
  • Totally geeked out and read all of these (Mental Floss)
  • Let’s eat this! (Food 52)
  • Could a shirt be more perfect? (Shopbop)
  • I’d like one for each of my nieces and nephews who live in New York and England (Color Me Katie)
  • Barbara Stauffacher Solomon was not only a pioneer in the male-dominated midcentury design world, she was also an innovator, essentially inventing the field of supergraphics. (Curbed)
  • Get pregnant, pee on the ad, save on a crib (My Modern Met)
  • Serena! (Vogue)
  • Ask Roxane: Is It Too Late to Follow My Dreams? (The New York Times)
  • I’m almost 39 and my list is long (The Atlantic)
  • Great read. This all went down during the peak of my figure skating phase when I thought I was going to marry Elvis. I really, really want to see the movie. (The New York Times)

Have a safe weekend!

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