Indiana Jones, this is one night you’ll never forget

When I was a kid, we didn’t have cable but we did have a family friend who gave us VHS tapes with an odd assortment of movies that my sisters and I loved. Our favourite tape had Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Beetlejuice, and La Bamba on it and we have watched these movies more than 5o times each.

Obviously, there would come a time I’d introduce David to the Indiana Jones trilogy and convince him that although Harrison Ford can do no wrong, Indie will always beat Han Solo in our house. Luckily David loves the movies and I love that he was on board with this costume.

Our visual reference:

What we bought/made:

  • Archeologist hat and scar kit from a Halloween prop store
  • Boys white dress shirt dyed tan and ripped (Old Navy)
  • Khaki jeans and sneakers (Target (USA))
  • Whip made from rope and brown Duct Tape (Michaels)
  • Vintage army bag from my mom
  • Papier-maché Sankara Stones

He had no interest in smiling, which I get. His heart was almost ripped out and he just had an epic battle on a bridge:

Here’s a recap of our past Halloween costumes. And if I’m lucky, I can convince David to be Ritchie Valens next year.

Side note: These papier-mâché pumpkins are so beautiful.

Happy Halloween!

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