ten-year *itch

How’s everyone’s summer so far?

It occurred to me that I haven’t had a paid holiday or paid vacation day since 2007… Hello 10-year itch! Freelance life has been busy, and I am very grateful but I’d rather be at the beach.

But friends, this is not a rant, rather a plea. Summer is almost over and I only have sixty out of 100 items checked off my 100 days of summer list.

A few of the remaining forty are ongoing (like only use the clothesline) and others are solely up to me (clean my car) but here are a few that you’re welcome to sign up for. Give me a call, and let’s make it happen!

  1. go on a sail boat
  2. see Shakespeare by the Sea
  3. fly a kite
  4. ride a slip & slide
  5. hike Cape Chignecto
  6. go to a country fair
  7. ride shot gun in a car driven by Amanda
  8. have a water balloon fight
  9. go to a concert
  10. hike the Skyline Trail
  11. swim in the ocean
  12. dive into water
  13. host a strawberry shortcake cocktail party
  14. bike a trail
  15. pop a wheelie
  16. sleep in a tent
  17. run laps on a track
  18. play croquette
  19. night swim
  20. picnic with a basket and blanket
  21. celebrate with sparklers
  22. have a campfire
  23. dance in the rain
  24. leave the country
  25. tie dye
  26. eat from a food truck
  27. drink beer from a cooler
  28. go to a yard sale
  29. go tidal bore rafting
  30. try hot yoga
  31. visit McNabs Island
  32. take a water taxi

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4 thoughts on “ten-year *itch

  1. I think you can kill two birds with one stone for your Visit McNabs Island and take a water taxi. The Water taxi goes to McNabbs so you could totally take one there and back! 🙂


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